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Great Voyages, daring adventurers from James Cook to Gertrude Bell, (published by the British Library) takes the reader on exciting adventures around the world. Captain James Cook will lead you further south than any previous explorer and Neil Armstrong will take you out of this world. Face lions in Africa with David Livingstone and bears with Meriwether Lewis in the Wild West. Survive attack from hostile tribes with Gertrude Bell then, if you’re hungry, try eating tortoise with Charles Darwin or penguin with Ernest Shackleton.

Learn from history’s most intrepid adventurers, from tips on how to deal with pack ice and bears, to the importance of preparation and how to communicate with locals. Great Voyages will take you on some of the most exhilarating and heroic journeys ever made, and get you ready to set out on your own adventures.

Available to purchase at your local UK bookshop, the British Library’s online shop and your favourite online book supplier as well from Amazon.

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My Book of Stories: write your own… series. This series was published by the British Library in Spring and Autumn 2016. I loved writing and producing these books, working with wonderful source text and inspiring images from the British Library’s collection.

The books are devised to inspire children, from around the ages of 8+ to write their own stories. They provide story starters, top tips, vocabulary ideas, and plenty of space to write.


My Book of Stories: write your own myths

My Book of Stories: write your own fairy tales

My Book of Stories: write your own Shakespearean tales

My Book of Stories: write your own adventures