Grand Adventure Story

Travelling with kids – a dream or a nightmare? We believe that with the right attitude and plenty of planning travelling with kids is something to aspire to. We enjoy our holidays and weekend breaks, but we’re yearning for something more. So, once they are old enough, but before they get too old, we are planning a Grand Adventure from Alaska to Argentina. Follow our research, family travel tips, and our progress on this blog.

Updated February 2019: We’ve spent the last month really honing down the timing of our trip. I’ve even written a blog which sets out our top-line plan. Seeing it written and published on this site makes it all feel very real! In the meantime I’ve been attending Spanish classes. I believe that even though English is widely-spoken, speaking some of the local language is the best way to get to know the people and culture of the country you are travelling in. It also may come in useful getting us out of any sticky situations!

Canoe IMG_20180815_163608
Canoeing on the Dordogne below La Roque-Gageac


We had some lovely holidays in 2018, exploring the North Yorkshire Moors, revisiting the Dordogne and the Lot in France and discovering the Ile de Re (I know, late to the party, right?). We also took the kids on a city-break to Venice which was hugely successful. Can’t go wrong with pizza, pasta and boats.

Heading for the Bridge of Sighs in Venice in October

This year will see us skiing in France again, and in the summer I’m excited to be travelling by train to Austria, and back via Paris. And there will be some camping, but we’re not yet sure where, when or who with!

Updated January 2018: We are well and truly in our research stage, while normal life carries on around us. I’ve had a look at Alaska, the Pacific Coast Highway and our vague plans for Mexico. Off line I’ve been continuing into Central America and even made a start on Ecuador and Peru. Our research has taken on more of a budgeting focus recently, and I’ll write a post up about that soon. Any tips gratefully received!

Meanwhile we continue to go on family holidays, and I’ve been writing some blogs about those too – from skiing to Spain! Travelling with our boys means that every trip feels like an adventure. All good practice for our big trips!