Top Ten Kid-friendly Activities in North Yorkshire

At low tide the sand stretches for miles, and the grey rocky scars, covered with slippery seaweed, reach out like fingers into the sea.

A French Easter Egg Hunt…

Easter egg hunts come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the classic free-for-all experienced by the kids at their pre-school playgroups. There’s the treasure hunt (which we favour at home) – follow the clues to find the eggs. There’s the much-loved National Trust combo of finding clues to receive a prize. And then there’s thisContinue reading “A French Easter Egg Hunt…”

2018 – our travel plan…so far

With February already in our sights (where did January go!) we have already completed a top-line travel plan for 2018. This would make our Italian friends who we met skiing in December in La Rosiere laugh – they don’t go in for forward planning. We didn’t used to, but with school holidays giving us aContinue reading “2018 – our travel plan…so far”

Mexico – where? how?

We are faced with a big question to answer as we plan the next stage of our trip. From Santa Monica, where should we head? The goal is Mexico, but which would be the best route? Do we stick to the PCH, head down the coast and into Baja California? Once there we’ll have toContinue reading “Mexico – where? how?”

A family holiday on the Costa de la Luz

The Costa de la Luz isn’t only about glorious beaches – there are picture perfect hilltop towns and historical sites to visit too. I had plans of outings to local cities and sights (in the early morning to escape the heat) and spending lazy afternoons by the pool. But we took the kids to our local beach, El Palmar, on the first day, and we were all bitten by the beach bug.

Exploring from my desk

Research on our Grand Adventure seems to have taken a back-seat recently while normal life rolls on. Instead of looking into places to take the kids in Canada, I’ve been joining some of the greatest explorers in history as I research my next kids non-fiction book. I’ve attempted to find the northwest passage, seen kangaroosContinue reading “Exploring from my desk”

Alaska – the research starts here

Think of Alaska. What does it conjure up? In my imagination it’s a wilderness of rugged mountains and icy water, glaciers and whales. For our family it will, in about 4 years time, mark the start of our grand adventure, a trip that we hope will take us from Alaska’s glaciers to those at theContinue reading “Alaska – the research starts here”