Hi! I’m Debbie, the words and some of the pictures behind Grand Adventure Story. Away from the blog I am an editor and writer. Six of my children’s non-fiction books were published by the British Library. When I’m not planning our next adventure I spend most of my time creating guidebooks for the National Trust – lucky me!

I am mum to two very lively boys (the 8yo and the 10yo) who are seemingly inexhaustible! Most days with my boys are an adventure of sorts. Together with ‘MrP’ (taker of many of the pictures and the first to lead us off the beaten path, with or without a map!) we love making the most of our local area at the weekends and exploring at home and abroad in the holidays. Our boys love to be active so we choose to build in time for them to let loose, seeking out vast meadows for them to run in, or great playgrounds on a city break.

The boys are passionate about animals and leap at every chance to see animals in the wild or learn about them in zoos and sanctuaries. One of our 2019 highlights was seeing bottlenose dolphins on a sea safari off the coast of Wales.

Grand Adventure Story was conceived at the time that we started planning a family sabbatical. Our Grand Adventure was due to start in July 2020, taking our family on a six-month long journey from Canada to Chile. Sadly the coronavirus pandemic put our plans on hold, but our thirst for adventure continues.

Grand Adventure Story is where we share stories of our holidays and adventures at home and abroad. From a guide to Interrailing with the family to the best ways to spend a weekend in Fowey, Cornwall we have you covered. Follow our story here or over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Do join us on our Grand Adventure!

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