Who are the adventurers?

I am a writer and editor, mostly of children’s non-fiction, though I do also work on adult illustrated non-fiction too. I specialise in heritage brands, and currently do most of my work with the National Trust. I’m also the words and some of the pictures behind the blog.

I am mum to two very lively boys (the 6yo and the 8yo) who are seemingly inexhaustible! Most days with my boys are an adventure of sorts. We love making the most of our local area at the weekends and exploring at home and abroad in the holidays. Our boys love to be active so we choose to build in time for them to let loose seeing out vast meadows for them to run in, or great playgrounds on a city break.

Together with Mr P (the husband and taker of photos) we are planning a six-month long Grand Adventure that will take our family from Alaska to Argentina. We are counting down the months and this blog will be the home for our travel tales.

In the meantime, while we wait, I’ll be writing about our holidays and our adventures on this blog, connecting with other family adventurers on Instagram and Twitter and discovering fantastic non-fiction and fiction books to inspire us.

Do join us on our Grand Adventure!